Flow Control Valve Is A Multi-function Valve


Flow control valve, is a kind of multi-function valve w […]

Flow control valve, is a kind of multi-function valve with high precision pilot flow control. It is suitable for distribution pipe to control the flow and pressure of the pipeline, to maintain a predetermined flow rate, the flow will be limited to a predetermined value, and appropriate to reduce the upstream high pressure, even if the pressure changes upstream of the main valve, nor Will affect the flow downstream of the main valve. The connection is divided into flange and thread type; welding. Control mode is divided into automatic and manual.

Flow control valve is a certain pressure difference, by changing the size of the throttle orifice to control the size of the throttle orifice flow, thereby regulating the implementation of components (hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor) speed of the valve. Mainly include throttle, governor valve, overflow throttle and shunt manifold and so on. The installation form is horizontal installation.

Flow control valve to change the conventional throttle orifice plate or purely mechanical principle of reducing the basin area, the use of related pilot valve to minimize the energy loss in the throttling process. The flow control valve automatically balances the flow of the system without external power. Flow through orifice plate (fixed aperture) before and after the pressure difference to achieve a certain flow.

In the design should pay attention to the problem of flow control valve is that the valve has the shortcomings of poor work requirements, the general requirements of the product minimum working pressure 20KPa, if installed in the most adverse circuit, will inevitably require more circulating water pump 2 meters of water column Working lift, it should be taken near-end installation, distal uneasy approach. Do not install this flow control valve when the user is at a distance greater than 80% of the heating radius from the heat source.

Digital flow control valve structure is composed of automatic spool, manual spool and display part. Display part by the flow valve movement, sensor transmitter, electronic calculator display part. Its job is extremely complex. The measured water flow through the valve, the flow of water impact flow impeller impeller, impeller rotation and sensor senses, the sensor sends a signal proportional to the flow rate, the flow of electrical signals through the wire into the electronic calculator, through the calculator Calculation, microprocessor processing, the flow value is displayed.