How to choose gas butterfly valve according to working conditions


Due to the different uses of the gas butterfly check va […]

Due to the different uses of the gas butterfly check valve, there are many types of structures. It is especially important for the user to make the correct selection during use. Today, I will introduce the selection principle of the gas butterfly valve.

1.Steam boiler butterfly valve, generally open open full spring butterfly valve;

2.Butterfly valve for liquid medium, generally use micro-opening spring butterfly valve;

3.Butterfly valves for air or other gaseous media, generally use closed closed spring butterfly valve;

4.Butterfly valves for liquefied petroleum gas automobile tank trucks or liquefied petroleum gas railway tank trucks, generally adopting full-opening internal butterfly valves;

5.The butterfly valve for the production well exit, generally using a pilot butterfly valve;

6.The high-pressure bypass butterfly valve of steam power generation equipment generally adopts a pilot-type butterfly valve with dual functions of safety and control;

7.If the butterfly valve is required to be periodically opened for testing, a butterfly valve with a lifting wrench should be used. When the medium pressure reaches more than 75% of the opening pressure, the valve disc can be slightly lifted from the valve seat by the lifting wrench to check the flexibility of opening the butterfly valve;

8.If the temperature of the medium is high, in order to reduce the temperature of the spring chamber, when the temperature of the closed butterfly valve exceeds 300 °C and the temperature of the open butterfly valve exceeds 350 °C, a butterfly valve with a radiator should be used;

9.If the back pressure of the outlet of the butterfly valve is fluctuating, and the amount of change exceeds 10% of the opening pressure, the bellows butterfly valve should be selected;

10.If the medium is corrosive, a bellows butterfly valve should be used to prevent important parts from failing due to corrosion of the medium.