Main purpose classification of valves


With the continuous improvement of the process and perf […]

With the continuous improvement of the process and performance of various types of complete sets of equipment, the types of gate valves are constantly changing. There are many ways to classify valves. Different valve models have different uses and functions.

How to classify valves: Valves can be classified into the following categories according to their use.Valves can be divided into shut-off valves, check valves, diverter valves, regulating valves, safety valves, other special valves and multi-purpose valves according to their use and function.Cut-off valves - mainly used to cut off or switch on the medium in the pipe. Such as gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, plug valves, butterfly valves, etc.

Check valves - used to prevent media from flowing backwards. Such as check valves.Diverter valve - used to change the flow direction of the medium in the pipeline, to distribute, divert or mix the medium. Such as three-way or four-way plug valve, three-way or four-way ball valve, distribution valve and so on.Regulating valves - mainly used to regulate the flow and pressure of the medium. Such as regulating valves, pressure reducing valves, throttle valves, balancing valves, etc.

Safety valve type - used for overpressure safety protection, discharging excess medium to prevent the pressure from exceeding the rated safety value. When the pressure returns to normal, the valve is closed again to prevent the medium from continuing to flow out. Such as various safety valves, relief valves, etc.Other special special valves - such as steam traps, vent valves, slag discharge valves, blowdown valves, pigging valves, etc.Multi-purpose valves - such as stop check valves, check ball valves, stop check safety valves, etc.