Solenoid valve selection method(2)


Four: normally closed solenoid valve, normally open sol […]

Four: normally closed solenoid valve, normally open solenoid valve, or continuously energized solenoid valve
1. If the opening time is short or the opening and closing time is not much, then the normally closed type is selected.
2, but some working conditions for safety protection, such as furnace and kiln flame monitoring, can not be selected for normal opening, should be selected for long-term power-on type.
Five: high-temperature solenoid valve electrical selection: voltage specifications should be preferred to use imported solenoid valve is more convenient.
Six: stainless steel solenoid valve selects auxiliary functions according to environmental requirements: explosion-proof, non-return, manual, waterproof fog, water shower, diving
1. Explosive environment: The corresponding explosion-proof solenoid valve must be selected.
2. When the fluid in the pipe has a backflow phenomenon, a solenoid valve with a check function can be selected.
3. When manual operation of the solenoid valve is required, the solenoid valve with manual function can be selected.
4. For outdoor installation or dusty occasions, waterproof and dustproof varieties should be used (protection level is above IP54).
5. For the fountain, a submersible solenoid valve must be used (protection level is above IP68).
6. When the solenoid valve needs to be opened for a long time, and the duration of the excess closing time should be the normally open type.