What is the features of gate valve


The features of gate valve divided into seven character […]

The features of gate valve divided into seven characteristics:
1. Fluid resistance is small. Because the internal media channel of the valve body is straight, the medium does not change its flow direction when flowing through the gate valve, so the fluid resistance is small.
 2. The opening and closing torque is small. Because the direction of the gate movement when the gate valve is opened and closed is perpendicular to the flow direction of the medium, compared with the closing valve, the opening and closing of the gate valve is more labor-saving.
3. The direction of media flow is not limited. The medium can flow from both sides of the valve in any direction and can be used for the purpose of use. It is especially suitable for the pipeline whose medium flow direction may change.
4. The structure is shorter. The gate that is trapped as a gate valve is placed vertically in the valve body, and the globe valve is horizontally placed in the valve body, so the structure is shorter than the globe valve.
5. Pneumatic gate valve sealing performance. When the valve is fully open, the media erodes the sealing surface.
6. It is easy to damage the sealing surface. When the valve is opened and closed, there is relative friction between the two sealing surfaces in contact with the valve seat, which is easy to damage, affecting the sealing performance and service life.
7. Electric gate valve opens and closes for a long time. Due to the large height, the gate valve must be fully opened or fully closed when the valve is opened and closed. The stroke of the gate plate is large, opening requires a certain space, and the overall dimensions are high.