Why is the Y filter not backwashable


This is determined by the structure of the Y-filter. Th […]

This is determined by the structure of the Y-filter. The y type strainer has a cylindrical filter cartridge that is placed in a unique position on the Y-filter. During normal operation, the water passes through the inlet and goes to the filter cartridge. After filtering through the filter cartridge, it reaches the outlet. The intercepted impurities are stored in this cylindrical filter cartridge. With the use of time, the interception of the impurity A accumulates to a certain situation, and the resistance is large, and the sewage operation is performed.

The sewage discharge mode of the Y-type filter is as follows: open the special flange blind plate for the sewage discharge, manually remove the impurities, take out the filter cartridge, and thoroughly clean it. The Y-type filter cannot be backflushed online because it does not have a convenient drain outlet that is connected to its pipe drain pipe. The other is its innate structure: this cylindrical filter cartridge is simply stuck in the card slot, thanks to the blowdown. The barrier of the flange is blind. Without this blockage, the filter cartridge could not be hanged on the filter.

Filter with backwash function: fully automatic backwash filter. This filter has a backwash function and is thoroughly cleaned and easy to use. It is a fully automatic product. For the same Y-type filter of the same diameter, the filter cartridge has a larger capacity and supports online sewage discharge.