Y-type filter is installed at the inlet of the pressure reducing valve


Y-type filters are typically installed in pressure reli […]

Y-type filters are typically installed in pressure relief valves, safety valves, and inlet water valves or other equipment to eliminate impurities in the media to protect the proper use of valves and equipment. Y-type filter has advanced structure, low resistance, drainage and convenience.

The Y-type filter is suitable for water, oil and natural gas. Usually the water network is 18 ~ 30 acres, the ventilation network is 10 ~ 100 mesh, and the oil network is 100 ~ 480 mesh. The basket filter is mainly used for taking over, directing, filtering blue, flange, flange cover, fasteners, etc. When the liquid passes through the blue filter, the solid impurity particles will be in the blue filter, shielded and cleaned through the blue filter, and the filter outlet.

Y-type filter belongs to the series of pipeline coarse filter. It can also be used for large particle filtering of gas or other medium. It is installed on the pipeline and takes out the liquid of large solid impurities. It can work and run normally in the machine equipment and instrument to reach the stable process. To ensure the role of safe production. Y-type filters can be customized according to customer requirements. y type strainer and a simple, easy to install and clean, carry a lot, etc.